How Good is Your Oral Hygiene?

Here is the thing – more than 90% of Americans in the age group of 20-64 years suffer from tooth decay, as per NIH (National Institutes of Health) report.

While a few would admit that they do not brush their teeth daily, what is it that makes some people have better teeth than others?

So, what’s missing from the daily dental routine? Here is a look at how you could know how good your oral hygiene actually is.

The Top Tips to Help You Build a Better Oral Hygiene

Here are the tips to help you develop a better oral hygiene.

  1. Focus on Your Brushing Routine

Brushing just once is not enough; brush your teeth twice daily. Remember to brush once, when you get up in the morning and next before you turn in for the night.

Take your time It’s true that mornings are the busiest time of the day but studies suggest that brushing below two minutes isn’t a good idea.

  1. Get the Right Products

Choose the right brush and toothpaste. ADA recommended toothpaste is more preferred because it contains the right amount of fluoride your teeth needs. Brush in a circular motion rather than brushing left to right. Remember to brush each quadrant.

  1. Develop a Flossing Routine

Most people miss out on the flossing. But it is an important part of your dental routine. Floss gently between your teeth once daily with an ADA approved floss.

You would need to floss all the teeth. It is recommended to floss before you brush as it would help remove particles from the teeth and make brushing more effective.  Remember to clean your tongue either by using the floss or your brush. Do it very gently and stop before you feel queasy.

  1. Focus on Your Daily Diet

What you eat during the day has an impact on the long-term health of your teeth. Eating too much sweet would eventually erode the enamel of the teeth exposing it to tooth decay. Eat a moderate quantity of sugary stuff and sweetened drinks. Sticky food like caramel should be avoided but if you do eat them, then remember to rinse your mouth.