The First Visit to Your Dentist: Top Tips to Remember

People generally abhor going to a dentist unless it is an emergency. What you need to understand is that an emergency can easily be avoided if you visit the dentist regularly. A dentist appointment is different from any other doctor’s appointment because it aims at prevention more than cure.

Many painful and expensive treatments can easily be avoided by visiting your dentist regularly. Even if this is your first dentist visit, remember the person behind the mask is there to help you.

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your first dentist visit.

Set an appointment as per your convenience

Any meeting with strangers is bound to be a bit anxiety prone. Hence, it is important to schedule an appointment for a day on which you are quite free. Rushing from the office chair to a dentist’s chair will not help with your anxiety levels. A morning appointment is also a good idea as you are fresh and in a better frame of mind.

Make a list of questions and keep them with you

How many of us have come home from a doctor’s appointment and remembered not asking some or the other question? In order to avoid this happening make a list of all the questions that you have and keep the list with you. Take it with you when you visit the dentist. This way you will have all your doubts cleared.

Keep all records ready

It is always wise to keep any previous medical records with you to take to the doctor.  It would include any previous dental complaints, allergies, drug history and even family medical history.

Reach early

By reaching a bit early you have time to relax and become comfortable with the surroundings.

Expect to be questioned thoroughly during the first visit

Be prepared for an intensive interview. You would be asked in detail about any previous complaints or any past medical problems. You can go through your medical records at home before so that you do not miss out on any points.

X-Rays can be taken

Generally, dentists take digital x-rays on the first visit to get a complete picture of your dental health.  This helps them diagnose problem easily and accurately.

Some treatment may start if necessary

If the first visit is for regular check-up only, then you might not be prescribed with any treatment. A general guideline related to oral hygiene will be discussed and if necessary some cleaning would be done.

Just remember these tips before your first dentist appointment to make it a comfortable and relaxing visit.