Kids and Healthy Teeth – The Top Tips

While everybody loves a baby’s toothless smile, there is nothing like seeing your baby grow his first few teeth.

However, did you know that this development also marks the beginning of an important dental journey for the kid?

Looking to ensure a healthier and beautiful smile for your child?

Many still believe that brushing baby teeth daily is not that important as they will anyways fall one day. If you are a parent who you probably are as you are reading this blog, you need to be aware of some vital facts related to your kid’s dental health.

Avoid leaving the bottle in the mouth for long

Toddlers who sleep with the bottle in their mouth are at higher risk of developing dental problems later on. The sugars in the milk eat at the enamel of the teeth (enamel would be that part of the teeth that is visible when you say cheese).

Once the enamels are eroded, teeth discolor and are more prone to developing cavities. Even as the kid grows up, ensure that his feeding time is not more than 20 minutes. Food when kept in the mouth for a long time also affects the dental health.

Brush the teeth as soon as they start appearing

It’s true that baby teeth will get replaced with permanent ones, but any damage to them will impact the overall dental health of the child. If the baby teeth are not healthy, then they might lead to gum problems too.

Severe cases of dental problems at times lead to infections and costly visits to the dentists. So take care early to avoid problems later on.

Use a fluoride toothpaste

Something the American dental association recommends, it would be worth your while to follow their advice.

Fluoride helps fight cavities. It either mixes with the enamel or saliva to protect the teeth from cavities and sugar. Use a very small amount (generally a pea size) of the toothpaste to brush your kid’s teeth twice a day.

Visit the dentist regularly

Don’t make a dentist visit the last option. In fact, you should start visiting the dentist as soon as your kid turns 1-year-old. Regularly visiting the dentist will not only make your child comfortable with the doctor but would also help you identify any early signs of cavities.

Dentists will suggest precautionary treatment that would definitely help prevent any unwarranted an aesthetically induced root canal treatment for your angel.

These simple dental routine tips for your child can ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry much about visiting a dentist often.