Endodontic Dentistry

Sometimes your tooth pain and discomfort becomes hard to diagnose, because you are not sure how to localize the source of your pain. In those instances, only a specialized dentist – an endodontist – who is trained to clean out the nerve within your tooth can get you out discomfort. The most common procedure performed by endodontists is a root canal.

Do I need Endodontic Treatment?

You may be unaware, but we all have living tissue and network of nerves in our teeth which extend through the roots. Generally, we only think of the tough white outer shell of our teeth, but the soft pulp and sensitive tissue inside can also get diseased or infected.

As a result, you can suffer from serious tooth pain and inflammation of the tissues, which are also hard to diagnose. In that case, you may need an endodontist, which the North Miami Dental Group team is happy to provide.

Endodontic Treatment Procedures at North Miami Dental

Our proficient endodontists treat anything and everything that has to do with the tooth pulp. It may become infected from decaying teeth or get injured in an accident. Our dentists have high success rates in treating even the most complex endodontic problems.

Pain Diagnosis

It is difficult to pinpoint the source of dental pain as we have a huge network of nerves in our mouth. We often feel the pain of an injured tooth in another tooth or area of the mouth. Endodontists can effectively identify and diagnose such pain.

Root Canal

A hole is made in the tooth to replace decayed pulp with an artificial and safe alternative. It relives inflammation and acute pain with a success rate of 90%.

Traumatic Injury Treatment

Blow to the mouth and other accidents can damage the teeth pulp. We can use the process like apexification and a root canal to replace damaged pulp and replant teeth in their sockets.