Orthodontic Dentistry

It can be the result of your crooked or out of shape teeth! Improper alignment of the jaw and teeth can cause many problems like tooth decay, headaches, periodontal disease and TMJ syndrome. It can also change the way you look!

Get your Oral Features in Shape with Orthodontics

Visit our experienced orthodontists to resolve your teeth and jaw alignment issues. We use effective methods like braces, Invisalign or headgear to correct your crooked and unshapely teeth. Your face gets back its natural shape gifting you a beautiful smile and face.

We also treat pacing and bite problems like underbite, overbite, crossbite and open bite which helps you chew better and eat properly.

Book an Appointment for a Long Lasting Smile

Our clinic excels in providing the best orthodontic services in North Miami. We use different methods depending on the patient’s needs to correct their oral imperfections. The methods are non-invasive and give you guaranteed results.

The doctors at North Miami Dental Group offer:

  • Traditional braces to correct teeth alignment
  • Removable aligners which bring your teeth back to shape
  • Invisible Invisalign to discreetly straighten your teeth
  • Jaw repositioning appliances or splints to bring back jaw to its natural position
  • Space maintainers for children
  • Retainers to maintain the correct position of teeth